Zamarrón is a graphic artist whose work has been presented in different media: web, television, video, print, as well as art galleries. He has exhibited his work both
in Spain, the United States and Northern Europe. He was invited to participate in the annual contest at the prestigious “New Langton Arts” gallery in 1995, after he had just arrived to San Francisco. His early work had been featured in several individual and collective shows at Facultad de Bellas Artes of Madrid (Painting and Audiovisual Media), where he graduated in 1994. He has worked with Madrid’s Galería Gaudí on shows for international festivals. He was invited by the Spanish Consulate of San Francisco to represent Spain with his paintings at the emblematic Palace of Fine Arts. He participated in a collective exhibit at the prestigious 111 Minna Gallery.

Currently, he alternates his work as an art educator at Holy Name of Jesus school with his professional activity as a portrait artist, while trying to do “new things” in
all that relates to the development of his body of work. Day by day, he continues with his studies in art, and he is getting his MA, Masters of Art Education at Academy of Art University. He studied multimedia and art in California at the universities of San Francisco State and Berkeley, respectively.

Actress, director, playwright and theatre arts professor and researcher with impressive international experience. She has toured internationally with “La Fura dels Baus” as the main actress in Metamorfosis, has created her own shows, has written 5 plays (2 awarded),has played secondary and casting roles in cinema and TV with directors like Almodovar, Bardem and others.

We will be enjoying a poetry reading from Angelina the evening of the exhibition.


Although still studying at Granada’s Fine Arts University, Spain, Luna Nother has already had exhibitions in Germany, France and Spain, worked as a print maker in Spain and as a muralist in places like Berlin or India. Her latest works evolve around nostalgic atmospheres and situations she narrates as a memory or a dream full of her own life experiences. Old books, papers, antique glass bottles or even windows work as a canvas for her very personal language, what she calls “my own iconografic dictionary”.

Artist and teacher born in Almería (Andalucía) Spain (1960). He has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Granada. Founding member and President of Almeria’s Association of Watercolorists. Member of the Spanish Association of Watercolorists. Member of the Institute of Almeria’s Studies. Member of the Association of Watercolor in Andalusia (Almería vowel 1994-2009). Founding member of the Association of Engravers “Gines Parra” from Almeria. Between 1983 and 2011 he has participated in over one hundred solo and group exhibitions with his watercolors, and has won prizes, awards and honorable mentions.

Tim Burns graduated from the San Francisco Art Institute in 1981 with a BFA in Ceramic Sculpture where he studied with Richard Shaw. Originally from Detroit, MI, he attended Oakland Community College under nationally known Rakuist and author Robert Piepenburg. Burns moved west to finish his degree. The SF Bay Area has been his home for 31 years. He currently resides in San Francisco and Bolinas. For the last ten years Tim has worked mainly with Digital photography and Photo Encaustics. Tim continues to be inspired by Nature and the ever changing display of the beauty in the world in which we live.


A native of New Haven. Connecticut, Paul Fappiano graduated from the U. of New Haven, with an AS in Commerical Art, Cal. State Northridge with a BA in Fine Art and Southern Conn. St. U with a MS in Art Education. He taught in the public schools of Connecticut and ceramics at the U. of New Haven. He currently resides in San Francisco with his wife, Donna, Roxie the dog and Gabby the cat.
Earlier works centered on the use of the potter’s wheel and thrown forms. His current works are a combination of his interest in the human form and ecology; the focus, now, is hand building with slabs, in low fire clay employing metallic patinas on the exterior. The Hand of Man series began in February, 2011 and continues to stretch his visual creativity. These 3 dimensional statements speak to the need for humanity to preserve the elements around us that support and nourish our existence.


Arturo Reyes is a High School profesor of Art. He has been painting since a young age and has a master of Fine Arts from the University of Granada, Spain. He had shown his work in Spain, Switzerland and Holand. His mixmedia work combines painting and digital technique. His painting represent the human figure as a metaphor of the existence of the human being. He’s actualy living in Andalousia, south of Spain. The light of Granada is reflected in the intensity and the strenght of the colors he uses.

Art by Arturo Reyes Medina


Lee Harvey Roswell is a self-taught artist from Freefall, New York, whose work is noted for its blend of angst and humor. Themes of death and entropy, tribulation and futility run amok in his distinctly surreal, often-slapstick/ often-nightmarish world. The result is at once mocking and melancholic. For the past decade plus his attention has turned almost exclusively to oil painting, though it’s always a surprise what direction he’ll steer things next. Lee now lives in San Francisco, and his work is shown, collected and published internationally.


Born in Tuscarawas County, Ohio. Joshua’s family left the farm and moved a few times...New Mexico and then on to Florida. This cultural mixing is really when Joshua started painting. In 2004 he moved to San Francisco and started showing his artwork in galleries and shows. He currently lives in San Francisco with his wife Theresa and their son Darwin Blue.

Hanna Quevedo is a professional photographer from Spain who has been liiving in the United States since 2007. She currently lives in San Francisco working as a freelance photographer and as a photography teacher in a youth development program. For the past 10 years she has been working on national and international anthropological projects and collaborating with independent media and social projects.

Miguel G. Haro has a degree in Fine Arts from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. 1998, he studied new art technologies at the Hochschule für Künste bildende Hamburg University in Germany.
His professional and artistic life is divided between his expertise in graphic design and museology, the teaching experience in the field of design and art, and his work as a versatile artist.
His graphic work has been featured in solo and group exhibitions in Almería, Madrid, London and Hamburg from 1995 to the present. Important milestones in his career, are the mural for the council chamber in the European Council meeting in Seville, from 2002, or his “Esferas telúricas” (“Telluric Spheres”), from 2009 that was awarded the Fellowship of Contemporary Art “Alnomalía.” Hybrid between sculpture and landscape architecture.


Originally from Southern California, Christie’s early art education in Los Angeles gave her the multi-disciplined background of painting and figurative drawing. Christie now resides in the eclectic Lower Haight with her dog Taxi, but has her studio in the Mission District. Much of her work is inspired from the rich urban scene in these two multicultural neighborhoods.

Kate Barrengos maintains a studio in Marin County, California, where she has lived and worked since 2000.  Born in Omaha, Nebraska, she moved to San Francisco after graduating from college in 1988.  She studied painting, drawing, sculpture, and art history at several institutions before receiving a degree in Fine Arts at College of Marin.  She paints with acrylic on Belgian linen, and seeks a heightened awareness of our world through of the artistic process.  In her latest series, Architectural Play, she explores our emotional connection to historic architecture with still life studies of toy wooden blocks.

Megan Lynch obtained her BA in Art from UCLA. She dropped out of CCAC before CCAC dropped the ‘C’. She has worked in a variety of media but disability has made her concentrate on smaller, lighter and less-hand intensive media in recent years. Her work plays with a blend of figurative realism with medieval stylizing. She enjoys probing human psychology and playing with the power of symbols.

"In a cavernous hall, white and empty, one hundred people stand, immobile and silent, facing one of the massive walls, staring at the overwhelming white void. One of them wades through the crowd and traces a few lines on the wall, breaking the silence, violating its whiteness, and perturbing the stillness of all those present. A murmur rises from the ranks, braiding voices tinged with a repressed mixture of indifference, joy, disgust and bewilderment. The artist continues tracing lines with renewed intent. This is the risk posed by artistic and personal self-expression: to approach the void, alone, breaking it, in the presence of those who dare not shed their fearful stillness. These lines are "literature," and visual arts are not literature … the image must tell the story - if there is any - without commentary.

María Capulino feels the urge to approach that white wall and shatter its silence, without literature, and she shatters it – she has been doing that for years, as fashion designer, entrepreneur and artist … fearlessly."

Megan Hinchliffe is a native Northern Californian currently living in San Francisco. She has been amusing herself with old magazines, scissors and glue since she was 15 (way back in 1979).

Art by Megan Hinchliffe

I am a painter and photographer, I have a Philosophy degree from University of Granada. I have taken classes in painting, engraving and decorating from Escuela de Artes de Almería. I like to show in group shows and alternative free spaces, like bars, restaurants, shops, hotels or anywhere. I am a little secretive as a painter and I don't like to describe myself as an artist, I leave that to La Pantoja.

Art by Mar Cirugeda

Maria Juarez was born in Adra (Almería) in 1984 and studied Art Photography at the Escuela de Artes de Almería, where he lives. She usually collaborates with different music media with her live concert photography. The highlight of her work is her introspective vision, which has made her a finalist of the last edition of the competition "Desencaja".

J.Serón studied at the Facultad de Bellas Artes de Granada, Spain, and at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Firence, Italy. His work is multidiscuplinar: from painting and drawing to sculpture and video. Currently his projections are being shown in the Zoomoozoom Project which is touring various European cities. He has presented his work in several exhibitions and collaborations with festivals in Italy, France, Spain, Uruguay, Holland and Germany. His work is in private collections in the USA, Germany, Colombia, Spain and Italy. With the series Nets, the artist continues a search without targets through the pictorial labyrinths of abstraction. They seem like undecipherable maps or crystal formations nourished by the uncertainty of the artist facing his creation. The support for these pieces are antique official documents from the XIXth century Germany, found by the artist in an abandoned building in Munich where he started with the studies for the series that he now continues to evolve from his present studio in an old Sugar Factory in Granada.